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What is certain is that this seemingly otherworldly, mystical being emerged from an unlikely place: rural Puerto Rico. It was a message I suspect hit home for many an awkward Latinx teenager who, like me, was straddling two worlds desperately trying to figure out how she fit in both.

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Mercado never identified as gay, but it was the first time we saw someone who defied gender norms on TV. We connected with him because his message of hope was a salve for those struggling to find their footing in a foreign country that at times felt inhospitable. Hearing tomorrow was going to be a better day, believe in yourself and be strong no matter what life threw at you reverberated deeply in our community.

His death has stirred a collective nostalgia in the Latinx psyche, a longing for the days when our grandmothers, who lovingly watched him along with us, were still around. It feels like now more than ever we need his optimism. We need his voice urging us to keep our heads up, despite how grim things seem. Sunday, March We may feel restless and ready to roll as Mars trines Uranus, and need a break in routine.

We have access to unusual mechanical ingenuity and may need to use it; unexpected events ask us to think fast and engage our resources. Monday, March Be ready to take action on new ideas that bubbled up over the weekend. Because everyone comes into the breakfast table or office with a different set of freshly-churned priorities, check in and respect the differing agendas.

Tonight, our attention is brought to global politics and the bigger picture as the moon enters Aquarius. Tuesday, March 13 : Strangers may be easier to talk to than beloveds, new ideas make more sense than old ones. Work flows, though we may feel old, work can impinge on our love life but we will feel loved when someone helps us in a tangible way. Relationships take respect and attention.

Wednesday, March 14 : Political differences and personal tension points could be hotly debated as Jupiter semi-squares Saturn. The mood will tend to be congenially stubborn, Debate consciously and not just as a recreational activity. Starcodes March 9, He was referring to the experiences you provide yourself with, to the people you bring into your life, to the sights and sounds and ideas you allow to pour into your precious imagination.

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Now would be an excellent time to take inventory of this essential question, Sagittarius. And if you find there is anything lacking in what you feed yourself, make changes! We seem to love to ruminate about what used to be and what might have been and what could possibly be. Would you consider reducing that amount in the next 15 days, Capricorn? If you can manage to cut it down even a little, I bet you will accomplish small feats of magic that stabilize and invigorate your future. Not only that: You will feel stronger and smarter.

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You'll have more energy. You'll have an excellent chance to form an enduring habit of staying more focused on the here and now. It was sold widely, even though noted economist Ha-Joon Chang says that potential buyers had to read a billion pages of documents if they hoped to understand it. In the coming weeks, I think it's crucial that you Aquarians avoid getting involved with stuff like that — with anything or anyone requiring such vast amounts of homework.

If it's too complex to evaluate accurately, stay uncommitted, at least for now. I wish I knew!

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