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Some of it is spot on. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to get from this? That's what has always confused be about astrology - I already know how I am and how other people respond to me, what am I supposed to be learning?

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Thanks for posting. I will say; yep, yep and yep Without going into to much, one of the famous people with my double sign is Carl Jung, which I find pretty ironic. More irony, my last reply in another thread was "Irony". Word of the day. Wandering Scribe. Well, I am a Cancer Rat. That sounds terrible, but is actually not too bad.

But as he is also a moon child and hence tends to drown in his own emotions this person's behavior wavers. He likes to crawl into his cubbyhole in the tower where he studies life and writes about interior subjects. Falling in love with a Cancer born Rat is like becoming an overnight prince or princess.

I think this is very accurate, but like an earlier poster, I wonder what help it is. I like the cool tricks where you find out when you were born can in fact influence your personality, but is there a practical application? I'm not trying to be too cynical, because I am really interested! Any more information would be appreciated.

They blaze trails and shoot for the future. They are glib and humanitarian. They are direct and cheerful. Much of the above description also fits the Monkey character. So, in some ways, the Sagittarian Monkey is in harmony with both sides of his nature.

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  8. His outgoing side doesn't have to do daily battle with some introverted tendency to hide under rocks when company comes. And he is a gambler.

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    Working out problems which mystify others delights this byzantine character. He or she is constantly searching for a way to break the bank at Monte Carlo - a system for beating the system. Look for this creature selling real estate in darkest Africa or peddling sophisticated ice cream makers in Siberia. Challenge - but oddball challenge - is what they are all about.

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    Love and sex? These folks seem to have ton of both in their busy lives at all times. How do they do it? Good Compatibilities - Aquarius Rat I found it a surprisingly accurate read. I always find this ironic.

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    And I'm chronically allergic to horses. Gotta love the universes quirky sense of humor. I'm a Gemini Monkey. This should answer some questions that my wife's puzzled over for years.

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    The Chart won't work for me. It won't let me choose my chinese astrological sign, "Rabbit".

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    7. In relationships, both romantic and friendly, you are possessive and insecure -- but also loyal and logical. Be careful not to hold grudges or let your materialistic side get in the way of your ability to connect with others, because once you open up, your relationships will be cozy and long-lasting. The Snake and Rat have a complicated relationship that needs constant care in order to flourish. The two will probably meet at a party, given that they are both very sociable.

      At times, the Snake will think the Rat talks too much. If these two are going to form a romantic bond, they need to make allowances for their different styles. As friends, the Snake and Rat do better. The Snake is content to let the Rat take center stage, while he or she operates behind the scenes.

      Both are adept at making money and would succeed in business together. The Rat could develop clever marketing strategies, while the Snake can create the proper ambiance for the venture. The Snake is also adept at hiring people, sensing which candidates will flourish in the organization. The Rat will be content to let the Snake take periodic vacations, while the Rat sticks around and takes care of the day-to-day operations. Sexually, the Snake and Rat are well suited. The Snake knows just what excites the imaginative Rat, and is always coming up with new games to play in the bedroom.

      The Rat should be warned, though, that sex and love are not synonymous to the Snake. The Snake has no problem slithering into the darkness after a night of passion.

      Pisces Rising

      The sexy Snake and the steady Ox can make a match if they put their minds to it. Neither of these signs is looking for a pretty face -- these folks want a partner with depth. The Ox wants a lover who will be physically and emotionally faithful. While the Snake is steadfast in their affections, this sign has problems sticking with one sexual partner. As friends, the Snake and Ox get along swimmingly. The Snake chooses his or her associates carefully, and the Ox is one of the few signs that make the cut. These two love tradition, and have lots of fun throwing holiday parties and observing special rituals together.

      With regard to sex, the Snake and Ox have a satisfying relationship. So long as the Ox keeps lavishing the Snake with praise and adoration, these two could form a union that lasts a lifetime.

      Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Rat

      Although these two signs admire each other, they may have a hard time forming a lasting romantic bond. Although both are laid-back lovers of life, each is intent on marching to the beat of their own drummer. The steadfast Snake refuses to break their stride for the impulsive Tiger.

      Nothing enrages the Tiger more than a disobedient lover. Yes, these two are undeniably attractive, and turn heads wherever they go. If one member of the duo gets more attention than the other, though, resentment will set in. It will be a challenge to balance these two giant egos.