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In , the Isis-Urania Temple was founded in London. The Order was more of a philosophical and metaphysical teaching order in its early years. Other than certain rituals and meditations found in the Cipher manuscripts and developed further, [11] "magical practices" were generally not taught at the first temple.

The Inner Order consisted of members known as "adepts," who had completed the entire course of study for the Outer Order. This group of adepts eventually became known as the Second Order. Eventually, the Osiris temple in Weston-super-Mare , the Horus temple in Bradford both in , and the Amen-Ra temple in Edinburgh were founded.

In Mathers founded the Ahathoor temple in Paris. In , Westcott's alleged correspondence with Anna Sprengel suddenly ceased. He claimed to have received word from Germany that she was either dead or that her companions did not approve of the founding of the Order and no further contact was to be made. If the founders were to contact the Secret Chiefs , apparently, it had to be done on their own. Some followers [ who? The term came to stand for a great leader or teacher of a spiritual path or practice that found its way into the teachings of the Order.

By the mids, the Golden Dawn was well established in Great Britain, with over one hundred members from every class of Victorian society. In or , Westcott broke all ties to the Golden Dawn, leaving Mathers in control. It has been speculated that his departure was due to his having lost a number of occult-related papers in a hansom cab.

Apparently, when the papers were found, Westcott's connection to the Golden Dawn was discovered and brought to the attention of his employers. He may have been told to either resign from the Order or to give up his occupation as coroner. Henry B. Mathers was the only active founding member after Westcott's departure. Due to personality clashes with other members and frequent absences from the center of Lodge activity in Great Britain, however, challenges to Mathers's authority as leader developed among the members of the Second Order.

Toward the end of , the Adepts of the Isis-Urania and Amen-Ra temples had become dissatisfied with Mathers' leadership, as well as his growing friendship with Aleister Crowley. They had also become anxious to make contact with the Secret Chiefs themselves, instead of relying on Mathers as an intermediary. Crowley was refused initiation into the Adeptus Minor grade by the London officials. Mathers overrode their decision and quickly initiated him at the Ahathoor temple in Paris on January 16, To the London Adepts, this was the final straw. Farr, already of the opinion that the London temple should be closed, wrote to Mathers expressing her wish to resign as his representative, although she was willing to carry on until a successor was found.

On March 3, a committee of seven Adepts was elected in London, and requested a full investigation of the matter.

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Mathers sent an immediate reply, declining to provide proof, refusing to acknowledge the London temple, and dismissing Farr as his representative on March In , W. Yeats privately published a pamphlet titled Is the Order of R. Bullock, M. Blackden and J. After a short time, Bullock resigned, and Dr.

Robert Felkin took his place. In , A. Once Mathers realised that reconciliation was impossible, he made efforts to reestablish himself in London. Papus includes various gods such as Apollo, Juno and others. Within his book, Papus ties each card to the deccans as they appear in the chart. He states that the Egyptians designed the Zodiac.

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He states the wheel of the twenty first card the World is the template for understanding Astrological Tarot, and places the four evangelists in the corners. While elsewhere in the Tarot of the Bohemians Papus assigns qabalistic meanings to the cards, the qabalistic content is separated from the chapter on Astrology and the chart above. As can be seen in the chart, numerological significance is noted, however.

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Levi links the Qabalah, Astrology and Tarot more closely together than Papus. He cites the qabalistic meaning for the number 3, which was the day of Creation, to the third of the Major Arcana, the Empress.

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He goes on to say that Tarot is the cumulative or universal key of the magical arts; that it encompasses all others including numerology and astrology. He emphasizes the correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet and the major arcana. He ties the minor arcana to the Sephirot; the four twos to Chocmah, the four threes to Binah, and so forth.

Levi did not anchor his charts to the calendar as Papus did. He preferred letter and numeric matrices to express his ideas. Shortly thereafter, the Golden Dawn group took the qabalistic, numerological and astrological layout to the next step.

Golden Dawn Divinatory Tarot Series - The Fool

They added in the qabalistic values and meanings into the numeric and astrological placement of the minor arcana. They composed or collected a coherent set of divinatory meanings across the lines of astrology, numerology and qabalah. These laid the foundation for the popular decks to follow, though leaving room for interpretation.

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Bill Heidrick has a good explanation for the construction of the key meanings:. In assigning ruling planets to the decans, the Golden Dawn used the method of Ptolemy… In the Rider or Celtic Waite Deck, these factors are sometimes translated into corresponding Major Trumps and used as a basis for the design; e. Note that the second chart provides no dates. The third chart provides a wealth of information such as dates and planetary signs. It is, however, positioned the wrong way.

Tarot Correspondences: Hebrew, Cabala, Astrology, Elements

As you may gather, I am reluctant to reprint the other wheels due to the questionable copyright status. As previously noted, the minors had meaning previous to that, but the meanings appear to vary widely according to the source. Roger Bacon included it among his broad studies. But it is the period of the Stuarts that can be considered the acme of astrology in England. Then William Lilly employed the doctrine of the magical circle, engaged in the evocation of spirits from the Ars Notoria and used the form of prayer prescribed therein to the angel Salmonoeus, and entertained among his familiar acquaintance the guardian spirits of England, Salmael and Malchidael.

His ill success with the divining rod induced him to surrender the pursuit of rhabdomancy. The successor of Lilly was Henry Coley, a tailor, who had been his amanuensis and was almost as successful in prophecy as his master.

Great astrology starter decks using the Golden Dawn system:

While astrology flourished in England it was in high repute with its kindred pursuits of magic, necromancy, and alchemy at the court of France. Catherine de Medicis herself was an adept in the art. At the Revolution, which commenced a new era in France, astrology declined. The most noticeable aspect of the occult revival of modern times has been the widespread popularity of astrology, particularly among young people. Astrology has now permeated every activity of modern life, from daily household activities to politics and stock market speculation.

It is estimated that there are more than ten thousand professional astrologers in the United States, with a clientele of more than twenty million people. Most American newspapers run an astrology column. Even the respected Washington Post includes a horoscope column.

Irwin S. Robert Woodman Dr. Felkin Frederick Leigh Gardner J.

Copyright , All Rights Reserved. Contact Us. The Astrological Tradition The Golden Dawn stands as an inheritor of the Hermetic tradition with its Trivium Hermeticum, the triune spiritual disciplines of theurgy magic , alchemy, and astrology.